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November 2005

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November 03, 2005


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sudoku shop

What a fantastic blog. Keep it up!


Yes good blog.


The rules are very simple. A short animation explains in 1 minute how to play :

On Daily-Sudoku-Puzzle :
Very easy, you can play online with colours, print ...


you should try playing kakuro, it's also alot of fun

free online sudoku

good blog, check out also to play online


your site says "tips" on solving.........where are the tips?????


Who Else Wants To Know The Secrets To Solving Sudoku Puzzles?"

Click here! NOW!

Jouer au sudoku

If you want to get tips, try this website in french that goes in detail for each sudoku played online :


It's a pity it's been so long since you published your last sudoku. If anyone wants to get free sudokus everyday you can come to where we also provide different types of sudokus, like samurai sudoku.


A new website about sudoku with giant's grids.

sudoku online

Hi, Great Blog!!
Here you can play sudoku online :


here's the sudoku kid. sudoku's grid 4x4, 6x6,9x9 and 16x16 for kids and experts

sudoku puzzles

That puzzle was kind of easy but fun thanks

Rudi Cilibrasi

Anybody up for a game of multiplayer (social) Sudoku? If you want to meet new people and have fun while playing give a try!


venez sur

Un des meilleurs site de sudoku
partenaire de la fédération fraçaise de sudoku
plus de 12000 grilles tous niveau et toutes tailles et même des grilles samourai
4 jeux flash a jouer librement
et des championnat constant
truc et astuce technique pour résoudre vos grilles et une categorie le sudoku en classe


For four levels of sudoku puzzles every day, check out

Arabic Blend

Unlimited free Sudoku puzzles.


Pure Sudoku is the visually and intellectually stimulating interactive sudoku puzzle game for your Windows XP PC. It is a high quality Sudoku game with a unique visual style.


this puzzle is good, try also: a great source of other sudoku puzzles for free.


Try this free online sudoku game too: (it allows you to get a pdf for the puzzle as well)


Are you game for the Double Wordoku Challenge?!
Check out:




Lots of sudoku grids, tournaments and children grids in this wonderful web site :


5 New sudoku grids online generated every hours:

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