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I'm a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems. I've been working at Sun since 1994 (1993 if you count part-time work while I was still a student). I have a Masters in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and a B.A. in Math and Computer Science from Swarthmore College.

My interests at work are mainly focused around mobile 2D and 3D graphics. For the last year or so, I've been the specification editor for OpenVG, which is a new API for 2D vector graphics, primarily intended for mobile devices. I'm also the spec lead for JSR 239, which provides Java language bindings for the OpenGL ES 3D graphics API. I occasionally get involved in implementation projects within Sun; last year I wrote a 2D renderer in Java (known as “Pisces”) which is being used in a couple of graphics projects at Sun.

I'll be posting Sudoku number puzzles with some frequency. I'll also discuss how the puzzles were generated and give some tips on solving them.