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September 27, 2005



where are the solutions for these sudoku puzzles


yeah your right where are the solutions for these puzzles I'm a beginner and I want to check this puzzle and I was looking for the solutions but I can't find them so I think Mr.Dan Rice needs to put them on here so if your like me you can check your puzzle to see if your right


Sorry I didn't have time to post the solutions. There are lots of web pages that will solve puzzles for you -- for example, check out

Most of my puzzles are not intended for beginners -- there are lots of places to try out easier puzzles. If you need to "cheat" in order to solve a puzzle you might want to work you way up first before coming here! :-)


It is a pity to have to print all the page just for the sudoku puzzle, not good for the environment :-)
On the site you can print up to 96 sudoku in only few clicks, with different levels on difficulties


That is all right you couldn't post the solutions. For most Sudoku puzzles there is only one answer. So either you got it right or you didn;t. Thanks a lot.

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